Our Story So Far


Scarlet Ladies was born one cold winter’s day in a coffee shop. In its very earliest days, it was just a little meet-up group where women could go to feel great about themselves. That was the winter of 2015: we have come a long way since then.

Right from the very beginning, we recognised that although feminism has done a great deal to empower women in many areas of life – female sexuality is still too often ignored or overlooked as an aspect of our emotional and personal wellbeing. We set out to change that.

“A woman who is confident in the bedroom is confident in the boardroom”. As women, every day we are undermined by a society that judges us for the sexual decisions that we make. This constant sense of being judged, repressed or ashamed of our feelings and desires can have a detrimental impact on every area of our lives – and not just in the bedroom.

We believe that it’s important to take the time to understand and listen to ourselves as women, in order to live authentically in every aspect of our lives. That’s why we established Scarlet Ladies as a female-only community: to create a safe space, in which every woman can be herself without fear of judgement or shame.

Today, Scarlet Ladies empowers and connects women around the world. Through our events, workshops and membership community, we support women to reconnect with their sexuality in order to live a fulfilled and authentic life, free from stigma and shame.

In 2017, we launched our first campaign: the groundbreaking #ITalkSex campaign rolled out across London and, digitally, across the globe, inviting women from all backgrounds and walks of life to share their take on female sexuality. Together we lifted the lid on rape and abuse, celebrating the female body and the strength that comes from self-acceptance and sexual empowerment.

In 2018, Scarlet Ladies took another step closer to achieving our vision of a sex-positive future by becoming a social enterprise. Today, all Scarlet Ladies annual joining fees are donated to Brook, the sexual health and wellbeing charity for under 25s, whilst all other income is reinvested directly in the Scarlet Ladies community.

Scarlet Ladies was founded in 2015 by Jannette Davies and Sarah Beilfuss. In 2019 Sarah stepped down from her role as co-founder and Chief Stigma Smasher. Today, the social enterprise is run by Jannette and her team, whilst Sarah remains a supportive and active member of the Scarlet Ladies community

Scarlet Ladies membership is open to every woman, everywhere, regardless of your sexual orientation or preference. We always say it is about how you like it, not who you like it with. We believe that by destigmatising the conversation around female sexuality, we help women grow in confidence, love their bodies and live boldly in all aspects of life, without fear or shame.