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Our online membership is designed so that every woman, everywhere, can enjoy the very best of our Scarlet Ladies community and benefit from the frank, honest conversations and friendships that have already changed so many lives for the better.

There’s no catch and no commitment: cancel within your first 30 days and you won’t pay a penny. But we don’t think you’ll want to cancel …

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  • Access exclusive online content, updated weekly, in our Members Only website area
  • Meet, discuss and network with like-minded women in our Members Only Facebook Group
  • Attend Scarlet Social for FREE whenever you’re in London.
  • At least 20% off the non-member ticket price for ALL other event tickets
  • Discounted rates on all online courses and programmes
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  • Be the first to take part in our Campaigns
  • Exclusive members’ perks & discounts from partner brands
  • Support young people experiencing sexual trauma and hardship when you choose to donate your joining fee to our charity partner, Brook

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