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Scarlet Ladies is an unique community of sex-positive women. We share frank and honest conversations to better understand and embrace our bodies and our sexuality.


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“We talk sex because by simply speaking up, you may ultimately change another woman’s life for the better.
“By speaking openly and sharing feelings and experiences, we can teach and learn from each other. Ultimately, we can cast off the preconceived ideas, myths and misinformation that have been used for too long to hold women back.”

Jannette Davies, Scarlet Ladies co-founder

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About Us

We don’t say that life is all about sex - but we do believe society makes it tough for women to embrace that side of themselves. We are working to take away the stigma and shame around female sexuality.



Our events provide a safe and confidential space to talk about the topics that matter: from self-confidence to self-love, Tantra to kink, emotional journeys to nuts-and-bolts, personal experiences to psychological theory, we’ve got it covered.

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Mission, Vision, Values

Through our founding values of Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment, we connect and empower women all over the world. Live FIERCE.