Zachi Brewster


Zachi Brewster is a Doula, helping women through the often hidden journey of female reproduction and sexual experience. From miscarriage and abortion to masturbation and womb wellbeing, we all need space to share our story, find comfort or advice. There is often only one narrative which is shared when talking about our womb space and through my work.

I make space for the very normal but untold stories. I am also currently collecting the stories of women and their beautifully, sad, funny womb stories which I hope to publish in late 2019.

Zachi in three words:

Curious. Storyteller. Lover.

Zachi Reveals

My miscarriage has been the most fundamental moment in my life.

Zachi on Scarlet Ladies mission

The more we give ourselves permission to open up along our journeys as women, firstly with ourselves, and then collectively, the more powerful we become. We will shine as individuals and then as a group, blazing the way with all consuming light for the next generation and making space for our foremothers to heal too!

I love the journey and find great comfort knowing that whatever experience we are going through is just a moment and things are constantly evolving. My miscarriage was actually the starting point to exploring and stepping into my womanhood, sexuality and my whole being.

Feeling connected and comfortable with ourselves is such a revolutionary act these days. When we step into, embody and bask in our full sexual, emotional, physical and mental selves we are so incredibly powerful and for me, embarking on this journey with like minded women is such an honour and a privilege.

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