Sex worker & Educator

Rosie has been traveling the world with workshops on Conscious Kink for three years now she is teaching sexuality professionals and people from tantra, bdsm , and lgbtqia+ communities about how to identify, communicate and safely practice their authentic desires. She won the award for Sex Worker of the Year in 2017, writes a blog on Conscious Sexuality and In 2018 was one of the organisers of Quintasensual: a six-day festival about queer sexuality and intimacy.

“When I started doing sex work I thought it would be a fun and exciting adventure for a year or so. Five years later I run my own business traveling the world teaching both groups and individuals about sex as both juicy fun and potentially life changing.
For clients to realise and own how exquisitely beautiful and powerful their sexuality is, is both a deeply personal and political journey. For me this goes hand in hand with my activism at the Dutch Sex Workers Union PROUD: people should be able to decide for themselves what to do with their bodies.
My work is inclusive, which means take steps to make sure the spaces I create are safe for people of all genders and backgrounds. I am proud and happy to be able to say that I have a very diverse client base.”

Rosie in three words:

Inclusive, lovingly challenging, adventurous

Rosie Reveals:

I bought my first vibrator only two years ago

Rosie on Scarlet Ladies Mission:

I love meeting groups of people who are exploring themselves and their sexuality. Different groups do this in vastly different ways, and I always end up with new insights and perspectives. The policing of (trans/cis/queer) women’s bodies and ways of seeking pleasure is connected on a deep level to how we as a society view women and women’s rights. Taking steps toward personal empowerment is therefore a deeply political act.