Paisley Gilmour

Paisley Gilmour, Senior Sex & Relationships Writer for Cosmopolitan UK, writes about LGBT+ inclusive sex and relationships and has held a sex ed class for adults.

She tells us, “I love to overshare, am a sex-positive feminist, and cba with penetrative sex these days.”

Paisley Gilmour in three words:

“Awkward, honest, fringe”

Paisley reveals:

“I haven’t had sex for AGES”

Paisley on Scarlet Ladies’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world:

“Everyone should have the freedom to have sex with who they want, as long as it’s safe and consensual”

Connect with Paisley:

Twitter: @paisleyrgilmour

Instagram: @paisleyrgilmour