Michelle Roberton

Sexual Trauma and Intimacy Specialist

A Sexual Trauma and Intimacy Specialist through lived experience, Michelle has established a career as an author and voice for children’s meditation CDs for Paradise Music. She is also the creator Of Brighton Talks Sex and author of Stepping Stones To You ~ An adventure in body love.

“I very much believes that our mind can only take us so far into any release of body trauma and healing of our sexuality. The discovery of who we authentically are is not hidden in our thoughts but in the sensuality and home of our body.

Michelle in three words:

Calm.  Deeply Satisfied.  Passionate.

Michelle Reveals:

Women are beautiful and I sincerely mean that.  Sometimes I just love to people watch and I am in awe of the beauty in each woman in all our shapes, sizes, ages … and backgrounds.  It brings such a warm smile to my bones, to be part of such beauty.

Michelle on Scarlet Ladies Mission:

Our sexuality is our power and I do not mean in a “burn our bra” way  …for that power when given permission to be utterly free in us adds a glow to our skin and a sparkle to our eyes.  It is our food, how we nourish and feed our inner re~source. How we create from our truth. How we love and be loved with complete abandonment.
It is our magic … without deeply knowing our sexuality and expressing that into the world, we will always feel less than who we are … and always feel like something is missing.

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