Burlesque performer

After graduating with a bachelor degree at London college of fashion (lingerie and swim design), Jessicats went on to get residency at the biggest cabaret franchise in the UK, proud cabaret.  She has since blogged and spoken at feminist events such as The Fempire collective. As well as being published in the sun, evening standard and daily mail for various modelling campaigns

Having been worried all my life bisexuality was not a normal thing, it feels amazing knowing how the world is slowly (and still a long way to go) accepting us all in our sexualities.I  have been scoffed at for having a ‘non professional’ profession, judged by other women and often men’s ideologies. Finally, I grew up with bad anxiety but now able to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people every week.

Jessicats in three words:

Sassy, sensitive, soulful!

Jessicats reveals:

I am secretly really good at making balloon animals.

Jessicats on Scarlet Ladies mission:

I felt a lot of pressure being bisexual to ‘choose a side’ as it were (yes, someone did actually say that to me before!), so destigmatising female sexuality is a big help to my own psyche

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