Jannette Davies

Chief Pleasure Seeker

Hi, I am Jannette , Scarlet Ladies co-founder, oversharer and masturbation evangelist. You might have seen my face on channel 4 Super Orgasm (2016) .Although my journey with Scarlet Ladies started recently, my personal journey with my sexuality has been an ongoing journey which is apparently neverending. I grew up in a very traditional African Christian background. Church every week, bible study classes, instead of Halloween trick or treating, I endured the Hallows Eve celebration of Saints at church. I lost my virginity at a pretty young age and I had no idea about sex. Fast forward, to my first orgasm at 15 and then my first multiple to my first vibrator. Throughout all my firsts I was completely oblivious and pretty ignorant when it came to sex. My first ever job was in a sex shop (really mainstream) and it opened my eyes to so many things. I met women who embraced their sexuality, women who were curious, women who were ashamed to be there, basically all walks of life came. That is when it hit me, regardless of where you are from, background we all share one thing in common. We all pretty much have a sex life, regardless of how little or much you are getting it. Furthermore, we all wanted to keep it a secret in some way. It amazed me that whilst we all have the common denominator, something that is so natural, it was something that was so complicated for each us.

The media has called me the believer, and whilst they focused on my questionable Christianity, my belief is that women need to be OK with their bodies to have a great sex life, on your own or with a partner. We as women need to accept that our bodies are all different, Take me for example I have hamburger belly when I sit down, which is probably why my favourite position is to be on my back for the new found muscles and the potential orgasms. My vagina produces smells that are unrecognisable, plus it farts during sex, I have snorted and even farted during an orgasm. During doggy the ripples to my body makes me unrecognisable and I really hate to shave but to my dismay I have conformed to the belief that women are better looking when baby smooth. You see, although I have created an amazing ass company that is Scarlet Ladies, I am pretty much your normal chick next door, being pretty imperfect and living an imperfect life.

That is what I want all women to know that every woman is imperfect so live life on your own terms and no someone else’s.