Jade Lotus

Tantric Therapist

Jade has a degree in Chinese Medicine (as well as Law) and have studied Tantra and Taoist meditation, chi kung and tai chi extensively.  I blog about love, sex and relationships from a Oriental perspective. I teach meditation and chi kung workshops, including teaching women how to use a jade egg as well as how to understand and master their energy, emotions and sexuality and how to use these as a tool to have a fulfilling life.

“From Lawyer to Tantric Goddess:  My path of healing and self-discovery took me from what would have been a dry career in Law courts to becoming a juicy orgasm coach.  I am a therapist who combines modern science with ancient techniques to facilitate people with the most impossible problems to find balance and health.

I love to share my experiences and knowledge with women.  I love watching women grow and find themselves as they tap into their orgasmic power.”


Jade in three words

Love, Orgasm, Truth

Surprise Us

I used to be anorgasmic until I found a simple way to unblock my energy, release my traumas, and since that time I have been full body and multiple orgasmic.

Jade on Scarlet Ladies Mission:

Sex is such an important part of our lives and yet society puts it in a box and separates it from the rest of our lives.  This is so unhealthy! Sex is an integral part of us, it’s about who we are, it’s about our health and it’s about our spiritual selves.  Stigmatising sex causes confusion and ruins people’s lives, it means that people are not educated about sex, which is the cause of sex crime as well as enormous amounts of unhappiness and bad health.  Being sexually fulfilled is essential for everybody and the journey to sexual fulfilment is about self development and healing. We cannot separate sex from the rest of our lives, it’s at the core of our being.

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