Hayley Quinn

Dating Expert

Hayley Quinn, Founder of feminist dating brand HayleyQuinn.com, is a Dating Expert, TEDx Speaker and International Coach. She tells us, “I love connecting with open minded courageous women “.

“I want to challenge how women view love and dating. I want to show you how you can learn practical skills for dating, rather than waiting on a fairy tale. I want you to break some dating ‘rules’ and social constructs.”

Hayley Quinn in three words:

“Rebellious dating pioneer”

Hayley reveals:

“I’m naturally very shy!”

Hayley on Scarlet Ladies’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world:

“Our identities need more space to grow.”

Connect with Hayley:

Website: Hayley Quinn

Instagram: @hayleyquinnx