Africa Brooke

Co-founder of Cherry Revolution

Africa has written for The iPaper, Metro, Elephant Journal, Gal dem, and has appeared as a guest on ITV, BBC Asian Network Radio, and BBC Radio 1 ‘ Life Hacks’ podcast. All links can be found on her website!

“I’m a Zimbabwean born Writer and Advocate living in London, I’m a woman on a mission to get us thinking about holistic self-development, identity, mental health, sobriety, and sexuality. My own quest to healing my sexual-shame and reconnecting with my womanhood is what makes me passionate about the work I do.”

Africa in three words:

Empowered, Driven, Soft


I’ve always wanted to be the lead singer of a rock band!

Africa on Scarlet Ladies Mission:

The Scarlet Ladies community is what I’ve been looking for, for a very long time. I’m excited to be a firm part of the movement because representation and inclusivity are incredibly important to me, and this community has that as well as having a genuinely safe space.

I’m on my own journey of healing my sexuality. Through my work and spaces like Scarlet Ladies I’m discovering the power of speaking up and refusing to be silenced. Female sexuality is still such a taboo for many communities and it’s important for me to play a part in changing the narrative.


You can find Africa on Instagram (@cherryrevolution & @africabrooke) – she’s always a direct message or email away!