Introducing #ITalkSex campaign

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I am not too sure if I have mentioned our #ITalkSex campaign (which is all over our social media, website, emails and everything we could think of). Two weeks ago we posted a behind the scenes of our photoshoot featuring pretty awesome and inspiring women and now we are revealing the campaign and calling on …

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Why we need to understand Super Orgasm..

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.Or any kind of orgasm for that matter… Finally, the time has come. Anyone who has been to any of our events since October has been hearing about it – our Jannette was involved in scientific research into multiple orgasms for a Channel 4 documentary and last night it finally aired. It was interesting to …

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Why oversharing is great for female sexuality

By Jannette Davies | 0 Comments

  Ladies: we do ourselves a disservice by keeping our sexual thoughts and experiences to ourselves. Being on TV, starting Scarlet Ladies  and talking about my sex life openly isn’t because I am some nutty feminist who is angry at the world. I am just an ordinary black 28 year old  woman wanting to feel …

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