March Events: pleasure, self Love and more

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Can you believe that time is flying already. It felt like yesterday where we were announcing our January events and here we are now doing a round up of what to expect in March. March will be our final Self Love month so if you have not attended any events this past two months this …

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The Magic of Fantasies

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Sexual fantasies are a normal, integral part of the daily lives. Fantasies can greatly range from sex with an intimate partner, group sex, loving sex and violent sex. Sexual fantasies are defined as, “any erotic or sexually arousing mental imagery that a person has while awake. It can be an elaborate story, or it can …

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Why the womb is an important area for your sexual fulfilment

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The brain, the body and the heart are often seen as the exclusive triad for expressing and experiencing sexuality and sensuality. Our brains bring the logic and ideas, building the beliefs and stories around what we enjoy, what is acceptable and what is not. Our hearts determine the level of love and care for ourselves …

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Food to Inspire Your Lover: A Valentine’s Feast

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In many cultures, sharing food is more than simply providing physical sustenance. Sharing food is how we provide emotional nurturing and sharing food is one way we express love. A meal made by your lover’s hand or made together can be a far more intimate experience than a restaurant meal, setting the scene for intimacy …

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Sneak Peak: The healing power of pleasure

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Next month Scarlet Ladies member Africa Brooke founder of The Cherry Revolutions. Africa will share the story of her own journey of sexual healing, and how she overcame the damage of societal conditioning and socialisation that once made her feel too guilty to accept herself for the sexual being that she was born to be. …

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January events roundup …Self-affirmation, body scans and more

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January always feels like it lasts forever. It tends to feel like the longest month of the year with little excitement to it. But our Scarlet Ladies events always give our members something to look forward too. In August 2018 we launched our Talk Sex Change Lives survey which was the UK’s biggest anonymous survey …

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Important News: Sarah Beilfuss steps down

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We are sorry to announce that, after four years as co-founder and Chief Stigma Smasher, Sarah Beilfuss has taken the tough decision to step down from her management role at Scarlet Ladies. We’re delighted to confirm, however, that Sarah will not be leaving us entirely: she remains a supportive and active member of the Scarlet …

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New: February 2019 Events

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We continue our segment of Self Love in February and we welcome our new teacher Zachi Brewster, Travelling Doula. February is where we show our loved ones how important they are to us. Which is why we are bringing you a one – off Circle with Dating expert Hayley Quinn. So without further ado we …

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Understanding Female Sexual Desire

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When you consider that the study of sex and sexuality is relatively in its infancy, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some of our understandings and narratives about sexual desire may feel a bit stuck. The researchers to break the mould were called Masters & Johnson who starting conducted pioneering research into sexual functioning …

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The Story Behind: Self Love Series

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“You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” – Louise L. Hay   We introduce our first ever ‘ Who I am’ segment of 2019, Self Love. Starting January to March with 12 events and 6 teachers and speakers our self love series is …

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