Team FIERCE are women who embody the Scarlet Ladies values Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment. Scarlet Ladies FIERCE women who are making great strides in changing perceptions of female sexuality, breaking down stigma and encouraging women to live FIERCE in all aspects of their life. Through Team FIERCE we’re building a mutually supportive community of women, united by a positive agenda of personal development and friendship.

What is intimacy?

I often listen to the dreams and desires of others.  They will speak of money, travel, a dream house, an ideal partner and sex life.  It is as if the mind is rattling off , the “to get and have” list and then most beautifully underneath the rubble of materials and achievements,  lies their deepest …

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Sandra Talks self love, intimacy and pleasure

  Scarlet Ladies Talks to … #ITalkSex edition interview series is where we follow up with #ITalkSex ambassadors. We talk life, work and sex in our ultra-personal blog series: the most sex-positive women out there invite us beyond the bedroom door to share the stories of what shaped their journeys to discover and embrace their …

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Grace Latter Talks on why she is being more vocal about Sex

I remember just casually checking Twitter on my phone one morning as I was walking through town with a takeaway coffee – and I saw this tweet, asking women who talked sex to come forward and apply to be part of this campaign. I genuinely stopped in my tracks, and instead of doing what I …

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Sarah Beilfuss talks the future of female sexual empowerment

As  Scarlet Ladies Chief Stigma Smasher I was there every step of the way during the creation of the #ITalkSex campaign. Initially we wanted 10 women as part of the campaign when we realised “Hang on, we are women with a story, too!” And so Jannette and I decided to include ourselves. One of my …

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