Muireann (Bangs) Carey-Campbell

Muireann (Bangs) Carey-Campbell

Muireann (Bangs), Writer, Speaker & Fitness Instructor, is the former Fitness Editor at Elle Magazine and current Head Instructor and Master Trainer at Boom Cycle, a boutique spin studio in London. She is creative talent behind her blog Bangs & A Bun. She tells us, ” It’s rare that we get the opportunity as women to discuss sex so openly, without judgement. “.

“I’m a former couch potato and discovering fitness completely turned my life around. It’s my aim in life to motivate others to use fitness to fuel a whole myriad of badassery in their everyday lives.
I’m actually a pretty massive introvert, despite the fact I spend my days in front of large groups of people, going crazy on a bike.
One of the many things fitness has done for me is build my confidence and that confidence has allowed me to get comfortable asking for what I want, be it in the boardroom or the bedroom.”

Bangs in three words:

“Pretty fucking fabulous.”

Bangs reveals:

“Being single is probably the best thing to happen to my sex life.”

Bangs on Scarlet Ladies’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world:

“I was raised Catholic, so the issue of sex for me growing up was always laden with guilt and shame. It took a really long time for me to understand and accept that desire, lust and sexual feelings were nothing to be ashamed of. I often feel, even now, as a woman, openly expressing your comfort with being a sexual being can raise eyebrows and bring judgement, so a community like Scarlet Ladies is super important so we can continue to drop kick that stigma in the face.”

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Website: Bangs & A Bun

Twitter: @bangsandabun

Instagram: @bangsandabun